A lot has been created, projected, and mapped since this page was created – check back for new material on the site soon!

Check out the view from the VJ Setup by VFTC at the 2015 SO Lounge Halloween Bash. Inside the picture frames were live mixed clips from old horror films and other creepy halloween themed eye candy!

Here are a few quick snaps of a piece designed for the 2012 Siggraph Studio by Bo Allen!

Siggraph 2012 cubes I

Siggraph 2012 cubes II

Below is a photo documentation of a mock-up VJ setup designed by Bo Allen in August of 2012.

Image Mapping old setup

Below you will find some photo documentation of a piece designed by Bo Allen for ASU West’s 2012 Call and Response show “War and Peace.” In this piece viewers could control playback of video projected onto foam core grenades using a custom TouchOSC interface on the iPad.


interface for grenades

Grenades I

image (1)


Check out the VFTC 2012 Christmas Tree!